Refinancing or credit portability: which is better?

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Refinancing or credit portability: which is better?

Both credit portability and refinancing can be used to alleviate debt.

For those already in debt, it is important to better understand the subject to make the right choice. It is worth noting the advantages and disadvantages of each option before preparing for debt repayment.

So we made this article so that you understand what each one is about and make the right choice for your budget!

Credit Portability

Credit Portability

First, it is the possibility of transferring credit operations (loans and financing) from one financial institution to another, at the client’s initiative, where the new financial company anticipates the payment of the amount due in the original institution.

In addition, consumers can port their individual credit lines (credit card, overdraft, vehicle finance, mortgage, personal and payroll loans).

The advantage of portability is that you can transfer your current contract to any bank you want. In this operation the ideal is to take where you have a good relationship, to get lower interest rates, consequently release a higher value. In this process, the interest rate can never be higher than the original contract.



Refinancing is a type of credit in which the client places a good on fiduciary sale. This can be done with the property and vehicle, and in each situation credit conditions change.

The advantage of refinancing is that the rates are the lowest in the market, as the bank is confident that the payment will be made.

In addition, the customer gets an amount that is free to use, unlike portability. In this sense, the interested party can use the money to pay off the debt, exchanging an expensive debt for a cheaper one.

Anyway, want to do portability or refinancing? Loans can help you find the best conditions for your budget. Enjoy and make a credit simulation now!

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